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Long time real estate developer Tony Solo

Long time real estate developer Tony Solo, has been very active in the
revitalization of downtown West Palm Beach. His vision for West Palm is to have more cutting edge relevant architecture that brings a more urban mix to the area. This can be seen in several of Solo’s current projects.

An advocate of the growing movement in urban graffiti artists, Solo participated in the early days of the movement. In 2010, Solo’s VentureWorx Building became the palate for a 20 ft. x 90 ft. wall mural that symbolized a young urban culture in a workspace where they can create, collaborate and grow.

Recently in 2014, Solo assembled and commissioned six graffiti artists from Miami to West Palm Beach for what will become the areas only Bier Garten canvassing over 200 lineal feet of wall, this outdoor courtyard setting has quickly become a favorite destination for photo ops. “Solo explains that the connection between repurposing of old warehouses and urban graffiti go hand in hand.”

Being able to take unutilized blank walls and create art for the public’s enjoyment lends itself to creating unique art districts within the city. Solo hopes his vision will create an art district in West Palm Beach, something greatly needed for the area.

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