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Eat-Scene coming to downtown West Palm Beach

Eat-Scene is a market-eatery concept that will be at the corner of Quadrille Boulevard and Fern Street.

The owner and operator, Tony Solo, is a longtime Palm Beach County resident. He said there are going to be 20 independently owned and operated gourmet food and specialty merchants and four micro-eateries inside.

“We want it to be a market culture,” Solo told WPBF 25 News.

Solo said Eat-Scene gives local growers, smaller merchants and restaurant owners a chance to compete with bigger business.
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —A new kind of market is under construction in downtown West Palm Beach.

“It’s very costly to start a new business,” Solo said. “What we’ve done is we’ve built a multimillion-dollar facility where we provide all the infrastructure for a merchant — an independently owned and operated merchant — to come in and lease space from us.”

Solo said the artisans will complement each other rather than competing.

“The concept behind Eat-Scene is that they all collaborate with one another,” Solo said. “So the fish market has the possibility to sell to these restaurant stations or to the prepared food person.”

West Palm Beach spokesman Elliot Cohen said the city is excited anytime a new business comes to downtown.

Eat-Scene is expected to open in the fall or early winter of 2013.

Solo said he is in the process of interviewing 200 to 300 potential artisans who will be part of the project. He said he’s interviewing people from Miami to Stuart.

To learn more about Eat-Scene or rent space, visit the website at Eat-Scene.com.

Source: ABC NEWS

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