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About Us

Eat-Scene is a market eatery concept new to downtown West Palm Beach that will feature local food vendors showcasing a wide variety of offerings, including fresh produce, meat and seafood offerings, spices, tea, chocolate, bakery items and more. Planned spaces include four (4) micro-eateries, a deli and a prepared food section.




Eat-Scene’s mission is to create a “market culture” for wine and food enthusiasts. This innovative concept brings together a variety of fine food and specialty merchants working synergistically in one multi-million dollar venue. Unique to Eat-Scene are its merchants who have a specialized knowledge of their products who will share their passion with you.

The micro-eateries will focus on small plate menus serving both traditional and international dishes. Dine inside and feel the lively energy of Eat Scene or find a spot outside in our landscaped veranda.

Eat-Scene’s market culture is to create a social venue that appeals to all your senses:

  • Sight – inviting environment, perfect lighting
  • Sound – delightful music, arousing activities
  • Smell – freshly roasted coffee, freshly baked bread
  • Touch – clean, inviting surroundings
  • Taste – wonderful food options
  • And your 6th Sense – your instinct

Coming 2015